PACING RESTLESSLY BACK AND FORTH CLEMENT COGITORE, GINTA TINTE VASERMANE, LIONEL RUPP, MARCIN MALASZCZAK, MML, GILLES AUBRY, JURIS POŠKUS, FRANÇOIS DEY 19 June – 28 June 2015 Opening: 19 June, 5 – 9 p.m Person’s role, in all its complexities, is never sure or stable. Acting and manifesting itself in a certain way, it traces the relationships that individual has with his social and physical environment. Somewhere between the human’s outer and inner conditions opens a space of unfamiliarity, a place where we wonder. Composed by F.L.O.A.T. Address: Kunstenhuis, Polonceaukade 28 Open daily 20-28 June: 12 a.m – 8 p.m … Continue reading GENERAL INFO


LA FORÊT SCIENCE FICTION | XDCAM – DV | 17 MINUTES | 2010 In a world where people have lost the ability to speak, several night watchmen amuse themselves by terrorizing a group of drug addict bikers. Children are confined in a gymnasium and forced to exercise. At nightfall, they escape from the school. The watchmen scatter throughout the neighborhood and search for the escapees. LIONEL RUPP Born in 1983 in Meyrin, Switzerland. 2002-09 Attends HEAD-Genève (Haute école d’art et de design) Geneva. 2008 Co-founding of Zooscoope Production. 2009 Receives degree in film from HEAD. Continue reading LIONEL RUPP


UNTITLED VIDEO | HDCAM | 25 MINUTES | 2014 Through forests, baroque ruins, control towers and Roman catacombs, “Untitled” follows a scientific community as it tracks a magical animal. Somewhere between fantasy and initiatory ritual, this video blends paleo-Christian frescoes with tablet computers, and control screens with the song of the Greek Sibyls. By confronting the underworld with the realm of aviation, the archaic with new technologies, “Untitled” questions the immutability of the meaning of story and image in light of the evolution of beliefs. Behind the question of verticality lies that of transcendance, which this work attempts to explore. … Continue reading CLEMENT COGITORE


SUPPORTIVE STRUCTURES VIDEO INSTALLATION In non-narrative videos I compose and choreograph theatrical-performative scenes, which play with relationships between bodies, architecture, the space of the frame and their limits and elasticity (expansion). While setting up human bodies both in architectural space and in the space of the frame as sculptural elements, I stage an existence with its own logic and rules. Movements are composed in a specific rhythm and become irrational and possible at the same time. The arrangements of body positions are expressive of, and play with, the inner conditions of an observer placed in diverse social conditions, spaces and … Continue reading GINTA TINTE VASERMANE


THE WORK OF MACHINES DOCUMENTARY | DV | 38 MINUTES | 2010 Poland. A typical industrial town. Here begins “The Work of Machines”. This dance was created in 1968 to celebrate the Factory. Following the memories, it was possible to recreate the forgotten dance. SHIPYARD VIDEO This work constitutes a choreographical dictionary, which is not only the archive of a phy­si­cal and moto­ri­zed memory of the Gdańsk Shi­py­ard but, also, an attempt at an emo­tio­nal, non-verbal com­mu­ni­ca­tion with its cur­rent, unsta­ble condition. MML Collective experiments with film and video.   Continue reading MML


SIENIAWKA FEATURE | DCP | 126 MINUTES | 2013 SIENIAWKA is a journey into the irrational subconscious of humanity. STEFAN attempts to make his way through a post-industrial no-man’s land. An encounter with a stranger forces the line between reality and imagination to become blurred. The future and the past become intertwined. Visions of another time emerge from Stefan’s mind. The cold-blooded surgeon used to work in the dissecting room. There was a cinema where everyone would go on the weekend. A state of complete delirium caused a young man’s heart to stop beating. In drifting through memory and the … Continue reading MARCIN MALASZCZAK


BUT THE HOUR IS NEAR DOCUMENTARY | 35MM | 90 MINUTES | 2004 On the streets of Riga, Eriks and Daniels preach both the Gospel and their version of a modern Christian lifestyle. Although friends, they hold opposing views of life – that of an extreme materialist and extreme idealist. Their story unfolds against the background of the emergence of charismatic new sects, determined to corner the religious market. A grotesque story from real life about ordinary people who try to embrace fanatical faith in the face of temptations and demands of everyday life. JURIS POŠKUS Latvian filmmaker born in … Continue reading JURIS POŠKUS


NOTES VIA SOUNDSCAPE OF BOLLYWOOD MOVIE WITHOUT PICTURES | HD | 32:40 | 2014 The movie explores various aspects of the contemporary film/TV industry in Mumbai. During two months in early 2013 Aubry has recorded people at work in film studios in Mahada, a Mumbai neighbourhood known as the “B-side” of Bollywood, including castings, acting schools, shootings, music and dance studios, sound designers, dress manufacturers and producers. The installation presents a selection from this material along with elements inspired from Pasolini’s 1969 film-essay “Notes towards a film about India”. While mainstream Bollywood tends to develop towards a global audience, films … Continue reading GILLES AUBRY


“The analyzer”, VHS video 11min, 2005. A movable cardboard box is designed as a research office. After putting it together in the street the artist settles in a spot and starts writing and photographing the activities out there and then return. FRANÇOIS DEY François Dey (CH, 1981), studied engineering in Fribourg, with Friedl Kubelka in Vienna, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In residency at IFP in Beijing, Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht. Lately showed at Galerie van Gelder Amsterdam, plays as well in a duo with A. Papamarkou. Continue reading FRANÇOIS DEY